By becoming an Xchanger, you agree to accept the Terms of Use, and Terms of Sale, and you understand the fee schedule, which can change with a 30-day notice. If it changes, you will receive an email. You also agree that you are a Roofing Professional and are only utilizing this site to buy and or sell roofing products. You agree not to share any data on any other roofing professional.  You understand and agree to this Privacy Policy. You also agree to not sell any of the Prohibited items. Your application will be reviewed to confirm that you are a roofing professional with the intent to buy and sell roofing products. When you become an Xchanger, you will be given a profile which can be rated by others.

This is to ensure that you are clear and honest about the products that you list. Other members can report you if you hit the inquire button without intention to buy. Please also report anyone who hits your inquire button without the intention to buy, by sending an email to You understand that your product will automatically be reduced by 25% in 30 days, 50% in 60 days, and 90% in 90 days after the listing date. After 100 days it will be removed. If you edit the price, it still reduces the new price by the above based on the date the item it was listed. Please make sure that you list the most accurate price the first time, or re-list the product. You will receive an email once your item has been reduced.

Please mark the item as sold after they have been purchased to avoid inquiries and to keep the site clean. All transactions will be completed outside this website. It is your responsibility to negotiate logistics and funding arrangements with the buyer, and all funds will be supplied directly through them. This website is just a site to list products. Roofing Xchange is not responsible for the funds from the buyer. Any damages to items in shipping or otherwise are not Roofing Xchange’s responsibility.

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