Why become an Xchanger at

  • To avoid scammers used on free sites to buy and sell Roofing Materials!
  • To save time and money. Roofing Professionals no longer have to wait long lead times when they need products if the items or services are listed on the site. They can also sell the excessive items that they have from jobs rather than storing them or throwing them away.
  • To help with cash flow. Roofing Professionals can sell the excessive products that they purchased for specific jobs rather than storing them. This gives them cash flow for other things.
  •  To help save warehouse space This can save money on rent.  It can also be used for newer products, or to utilize the space for other things.
  • To help reducewaste costs. There will be less items to throw away.
  • To lessen the impact on the environment. These items will be reused instead of wasted.
  • Simplified Fees. An Xchanger only has a yearly fee and listing fees. Please see Fee Schedule Here
  • Only Roofing Professionals! Each Xchanger has to fill out a membership form which is reviewed to confirm that they are who they say they are, and that their intent is to buy or sell roofing products or services. This mitigates any unwanted solicitation and emails. It also makes buying or selling the products smooth, because they are listed in the trade language.
  • Possible local pick up. This saves freight and time. Each Xchanger has a location to determine shortest route.
  • Categorized Descriptions to easily find or list products or services.

Quality products, Quality members, Saves Waste, Saves Time, and Saves money!

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