In order to buy or sell items on this website, you must be a roofing professional and become an Xchanger which is a yearly member. All Xchangers have to fill out an application and agree to the website’s Xchanger Agreement. All applications will be reviewed for approval. All items listed will be given a listing date once they are listed.

On each item, the price will automatically be reduced by 25% in 30 days, 50% in 60 days, and 90% in 90 days after the listing date. After 100 days it will be removed. You can edit the price but the reductions will still be off of the new price. Reminders will be sent 3 days prior to all price reductions and item/service removal. All transactions will be completed outside this website.

It is the Xchanger’s responsibility to negotiate logistics and funding arrangements and all funds will be supplied directly by the buyer to the seller. This website is just a site to list products. Roofing Xchange is not responsible for how you receive the funds from the buyer. Roofing Xchange is not responsible for the quality of any products. Buy at your own risk. Any damages to items in shipping or otherwise are not Roofing Xchange’s responsibility. Sell at your own risk. See Selling Tips and Buying Tips for more info.

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