Selling Quality Products: In order to sell products or services on the website, you must be a roofing professional and become an Xchanger. The reason why you need to be an Xchanger is because you will be able to buy and sell products or services to roofing professionals in an easily searchable format that is in roofing language, saving search time. This will also weed out any unnecessary or irrelevant solicitation. There are fields in the website that are categorized in order to find items/services specific to roofing.

You can simply fill on the fields that describe your product. You can also copy the item/service and change one aspect of it (for example, it is the exact same item, but a different color or size). Once the item is listed, it will be given a listing date.  After 100 days it will be removed. All transactions will be completed outside this website.

It is the Xchanger’s responsibility to negotiate logistics and funding arrangements with the buyer, and all funds will be supplied directly by them. This website is just a site to list products. Roofing Xchange is not responsible for how you receive the funds from the buyer. Sell at your own risk. Any damages to items in shipping or otherwise are not Roofing Xchange’s responsibility. See Xchanger agreement for details. See Selling Tips for more info.

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