After being in the roofing industry since 1999, we have found out that nearly every roofer buys excessive materials for their jobs. They do this because they have minimum trucks, boxes, pallets, or cartons that they have to buy, or because they don’t want to run short on the job and pay more minimums and shipping. They don’t want their guys standing around waiting on materials, or have the job held up because of backorders. After the job is finished, they put the materials into their shop and possibly use it for another job or end up throwing them away, which contributes to more landfills. If they store it too long, it could become damaged or expired wasting precious cash flow. They need to have an avenue to sell these items without being harassed by scammers!

There are other roofers who run short on materials and need them quickly. Without having to wait long lead times, or buy in bulk, they need an avenue to buy discounted items from other professionals in the roofing business, and receive them in a quick manner.  They speak Roofing language because only Roofing Professionals are allowed on this site!

That avenue is It was created to provide less waste for the economy, and give roofing professionals access to discounted materials without extended lead times and minimum fees, without the risk of being attacked by scammers.  Whether they run short on a job, or if the manufacturer has a backorder, or if they have excessive materials of their own, they can become an Xchanger or member on This will allow them to buy and sell from each other, and feel confident that the products listed are by other roofing professionals who speak the same business language. In order buy or sell products or services, all roofing professionals must become an Xchanger by filling out a questionnaire and paying either a monthly or yearly fee. All Xchangers are rated to ensure the products or services that are listed are truthful, making the buying experience as smooth as possible. This weeds out any people who are not in the roofing business or helping the roofing business.

The purposes of are as follows:

  • To save roofing professionals time and money.
  • To help roofing professionals with cash flow.
  • To help roofing professionals save warehouse space for lesser rent, or to utilize the space for other things.
  • To help reduce waste costs
  • To mitigate items going into the trash creating a better environment for our Mother Earth

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