We at Roofing Xchange strongly believe that this country is short on tradespeople because parents believed that college was a better path. This not only created massive student debt, but it also shamed those who wore a blue collar and gave students less career options. This needs to stop! We chose these partners because they contribute to multiple choices for today’s youth. Many of today’s youth are pressured into getting degrees, and if they could not live up to those high expectations, depression and possibly addiction kicked in. We hope you can join us in donating and furthering trade opportunities, as well as targeting addiction where it starts. We also believe in less products in the landfill! If you can reuse the products on roofingxchange.com by buying or selling, you are helping the environment. But if you cannot sell your items on roofingxchange.com, Habitat for Humanity is a great alternative. 


This organization works with trade employers, teachers, principals, and parents by bringing construction back to the classroom. They start at the kindergarten level by offering school credits when students participate in trade activities with local trade employers. Some of these activities include building tool boxes all the way up to roofing houses. They participate in several trades. They also help with teachers and principals by having them become a “Construction Coach” which contributes to their career. Parents can see their children have more employment opportunities, and tradespeople will have more workforce. It is a win-win for all. Click here to donate https://constructionready.org/donate/ 


MonarchAnother wonderful organization we work with is Monarch.  Monarch serves those suffering from a variety of mental disabilities and illnesses, including addiction.  They were one of the organizations to help congress understand that addiction is a mental illness, not a choice.  They have several treatment centers and options to help serve those fighting this disease.  Please visit Donate - Monarch NC



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