In order to buy items or services on this website, one must be a roofing professional and become an Xchanger by filling out the application and signing the terms of use. The reason why they need to be an xchanger is because they will be able to buy and sell products or services to other roofing professionals. This is to weed out any unnecessary or irrelevant solicitation. 

When Buying:

  • When searching, utilize as many categories before entering a description into the search field.
    • System Type: select the type of roof that the item is used for.
    • Product Type: select the component within the system type.
    • Product Category: select the category specific to the product type.
    • Brand: select the actual manufacturer's name.
  • Review the entire description, all of the fields, and all pictures. Check for damage and Expiration.
  • Check the date of when it was listed. All products will be reduced by 25% in 30 days, 50 percent in 60 days, and 90 percent in 90 days after the listing date. After 100 days it will be removed. Keep in mind, the seller has a right to edit the price. The reductions will still be off of the new price.
  • If a buyer doesn’t want to buy it now, they can  go to the full details page of the product and click the item’s heart to add it to their wish list and watch it. If the price of the item has been reduced an email will be sent. 
  • Do not hit the inquire button to sell anything. An Xchanger will be reported and warned.  If an Xchanger violates this rule more than 3 times, they will be removed as a member.  A new application and membership fee will be reviewed to confirm that it will not happen again prior to approval.
  • All transactions will be completed outside this website. It is the buyer’s responsibility to negotiate logistics and funding arrangements with the seller, and all funds will be supplied directly to them.  This website is just a site to list products.  Roofing Xchange is not responsible for the quality of any products.  The Xchanger assumes their own risk.  Any damages to items in shipping or otherwise are not Roofing Xchange’s responsibility.  See Xchanger agreement for details.
  • Please rate the seller by going to their profile.

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